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Miter box tube piping for cutting angles, bends and T-pieces

Miter box tube piping for cutting angles, bends and T-pieces

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Discover the easy way to process pipe insulation with our easy-to-use miter box, ideal for beginners and professionals alike. This innovative miter box is specially developed to enable even inexperienced people to cut arches and T-pieces perfectly. It is compatible with various insulation materials such as PE pipe insulation, Armaflex XG hoses, Armaflex AF EVO hoses as well as Rockwool RS800 pipe insulation and sanitary insulation.

Thanks to the intuitive design of our miter box made of robust red plastic, even beginners can quickly achieve professional results. The complete insulation of heating and plumbing systems contributes significantly to energy savings, and the precise cuts of our miter box guarantee an optimal fit for elbows, tees and various shut-off valves.

With three different cutting options for angles of 30°, 45° and 90°, the miter box allows for flexible adjustment to your specific needs. The simple plug-in system allows for quick assembly, ideal for efficient work.

Key features of the miter box:

- Ideal for beginners: enables perfect cuts even without previous experience.
- Versatile and flexible for use with various insulation materials.
- Easy to use and quick to use.
- Three angle options for precise cuts: 30°, 45°, 90°.
- Quick and easy assembly.
- Perfect addition to the NMC insulation knife.

You can start immediately with the included instructions. Our miter box is the ideal tool for professional yet easy processing of your pipe insulation, suitable for PE pipe insulation, Armaflex hoses and more. Discover additional tips and tricks for optimal use in our additional links.
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