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Armaflex AF EVO endless plate

Armaflex AF EVO endless plate

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Material thickness

AF-EVO Armaflex endless plate

Armacell introduces the 8th generation of AF/ArmaFlex technology, which combines outstanding protection against condensation and high energy efficiency with increased fire safety. The new product according to B/BL-s2,d0 offers maximum reliability and contributes to building safety.

Advantages of Armaflex AF EVO:

  • Latest generation of flexible elastomeric insulation materials with improved flame retardant properties
  • Increased fire safety according to B/BL-s2,d0 (increases the evacuation time and improves visibility conditions)
  • Includes the antimicrobial Microban® for additional protection against bacteria and mold infestation
  • Ideally suited for applications in refrigeration and air conditioning technology as well as in industrial process engineering systems
  • The integrated vapor barrier also minimizes the risk of corrosion under the insulation
  • Available in different thicknesses as 1 meter wide sheets
  • Available in self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive versions

Technical details:

  • Application temperature: -50 °C to +110 °C (The adhesive surface should not be used above +85 °C.)
  • Thermal conductivity: (λ 0º ≤ 0.036)
  • Water vapor diffusion resistance: 7,000
  • Building material class: B/BL-s2, d0
  • Practical fire behavior: Self-extinguishing, no burning drippings, no flame spread
  • These panels are available in different insulation thicknesses.

Note on processing:

The use of ArmaFlex 525 glue is required to bond the material.

For further information, please also refer to the manufacturer's technical data sheet.

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