Collection: Armaflex XG, AF rubber sheets

Armaflex rubber sheets for camper conversions: AF vs. XG

If you want to transform your van or van into a comfortable camping vehicle, Armacell's Armaflex rubber panels are the first choice. These panels offer the ideal solution for efficient insulation, especially for people between 18 and 55 years of age who value quality and durability.

Armaflex AF: Premium insulation with MICROBAN® protection

The Armaflex AF series represents the top of the Armacell product line. Its outstanding feature is the integrated MICROBAN® protection. This protection prevents the growth of microbes by destroying their cell structure as soon as they come into contact with the insulation surface. This durable protection, added during the manufacturing process, ensures your camper or motorhome remains hygienic and safe. The AF series offers a clear advantage with its MICROBAN® protection, especially for those who want to insulate their camper or subsequently insulate their motorhome .

Armaflex XG: High quality insulation at the best price

The Armaflex XG series, although without the additional Microban cell protection, still offers impressive quality. With low thermal conductivity and high water vapor diffusion resistance, it is perfect for anyone looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution. If you are planning to insulate your camper or are looking for tips on insulating your caravan , the XG series is an excellent choice.

Our recommendation for camper expansion

For DIY camper expansion, we particularly recommend the Armaflex 19 mm self-adhesive . This material is easy to install and provides excellent insulation. Whether you want to insulate your camper floor or insulate the entire interior, Armaflex offers the ideal solution.

Why choose Armaflex for your camper?

Armaflex panels are not only efficient in insulation, but also durable and resistant to external influences. They are flexible, easy to cut and ideal for uneven surfaces. In addition, they are water-repellent, which is particularly important for preventing mold and moisture problems in your camper or motorhome.


Whether you're looking to transform a panel van into a cozy home on wheels or retrofit your existing motorhome, Armaflex from Armacell offers the best products to suit your needs. Visit our shop and discover the variety of Armaflex products that have been specially developed for camper conversions.

Rubber insulation

Rubber insulation offers many advantages . The thermal insulation material reduces losses in heating, plumbing and hot water installations and prevents condensation in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Bestseller for motorhome and camper conversions

Rubber insulation is also the optimal choice when converting motorhomes and campers. The low thermal conductivity and high water vapor diffusion resistance make rubber insulation materials an energy-saving solution with an optimal price-performance ratio.

Buy top brands cheaply

Find the right rubber insulation for your application: Armaflex, VANUE and other products from brand manufacturers at affordable prices.

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Whether you decide on a DIY expansion or prefer a professional provider, we have the right materials and tools for every need. With our high-quality insulation products you can regulate the climate in your camper all year round and enjoy unforgettable adventures and experiences.

Invest in the insulation of your camper and create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Our Armaflex and Vanue rubber insulation products are energy efficient, flexible and easy to install. Avoid condensation, mold formation and rust and enjoy pleasant peace and quiet in your mobile home.

Our extensive range offers you all the important materials and tools for expanding your camper, including aluminum butyl for sound insulation and suitable rubber adhesive tape. Our sets can be expanded with accessories from well-known manufacturers such as Armacell and K-Flex. No matter what size your vehicle is or which manufacturer you prefer – we have the ideal expansion material for all vehicle types!

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