Collection: Armaflex XG, AF and K-Flex 19mm camper sets for your camper conversion

Are you planning to expand your camper or motorhome and are looking for the ideal insulation? Then you are exactly right with us! We offer you sets from renowned brands such as Armaflex and K-Flex in various sizes and designs to meet every need.

If you are not yet sure which size suits your camper best, take a look at our size chart .

If you are traveling with children or animals or are sensitive to odors and fumes, we recommend the Armaflex AF insulation material for converting your camper. Armaflex AF also offers protection against mold and bacteria. For 95% of people, the Armaflex XG is the best choice.

High-quality insulation is essential for the comfort and functionality of your camper or motorhome. So trust our expertise and our first-class products to take your mobile home to the next level.

Start today with the optimal insulation and get your camper or motorhome ready for unforgettable adventures and experiences. Invest in your mobile home and enjoy the comfort and freedom that your own camper offers you.

Armaflex & K-Flex: The top insulation for your camper conversion

In our online shop we offer a wide range of Armaflex products, ideal for anyone looking to insulate their camper, van, panel van or motorhome. Find out why the **Armaflex 19mm self-adhesive** insulation is the first choice for many camper converters and how you can optimally insulate your vehicle with Armaflex XG or AF.

Camper conversion with Armaflex: DIY vs. professional

Whether you decide on a DIY camper conversion with Armaflex XG 19mm or hire a professional service provider depends on your craftsmanship and your budget. The advantage of Armaflex: It is easy to handle and offers excellent insulation, especially the Armaflex AF 19mm self-adhesive version.

Why Armaflex for camper conversions?

Insulation is a critical step in camper expansion. With Armaflex XG or AF you get high-quality cold and heat insulation. Armaflex shows its strengths particularly in summer and winter: your camper stays at a pleasant temperature and the risk of condensation and mold formation is reduced.

Armaflex, Kaiflex or K-Flex: Which insulation is the right one?

Rubber, like that used in Armaflex products, is ideal for camper insulation. It is water-repellent, flexible and offers excellent thermal insulation. The Armaflex 19mm self-adhesive is particularly popular for DIY camper expansion. Like all other rubbers, it is easy to cut and adheres perfectly to most surfaces.

Looking at it soberly and without marketing blah blah, it doesn't matter whether you choose the Armaflex XG, AF, Kaiflex or K-Flex, all products have similar technical data and properties. The question here is whether you want Microban protection or not.

Camper expansion with Armaflex: step-by-step

From measuring to cutting to applying Armaflex - we'll guide you through the entire process. With our tips and the right material, such as the **Armaflex XG 19mm self-adhesive**, your camper expansion will be child's play.

Everything you need for camper expansion: Armaflex, K-Flex and more

Our sets offer everything you need to expand your camper. Whether **Armaflex XG 6mm** or **Armaflex AF 25mm** – we have the right product for your project. And with our accessories, such as the Armaflex special cleaner, you can ensure that your insulation lasts for a long time.