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Armaflex AF 19mm camper set self-adhesive

Armaflex AF 19mm camper set self-adhesive

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Product description:

The proven rubber material Armaflex from Armacell has established itself over many years as the optimal solution for insulating vehicles . With regard to camper expansion, we recommend the AF series with a thickness of 19 mm. Armaflex offers protection against condensation and, in addition to its effective thermal insulation, contributes to a pleasant acoustic environment inside the camper.

We incorporated our extensive experience into the development of the sets. You can also rest assured that you will receive flawless products at excellent prices. With our discounted set prices you benefit from savings.

Our tip: This set is the perfect choice as a starter set.

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You will find the following items in the sets (from size S)

  • Armaflex AF 19 mm self-adhesive
  • Our rubber adhesive tape with protection against mold and bacteria
  • Ceramic knife
  • Armacell cleaner


The flexible rubber material can be easily processed and cut with a precise knife . Before applying to the desired surface (the surface should be free of grease and clean) we recommend using the Armaflex special cleaner . Rubber adhesive tape is suitable for bonding abutting edges and connections.

Technical data:

  • Area of ​​application: Upper application limit temperature +110 °C (+85 °C for full-surface bonding of the panel or tape on the object), lower application limit temperature -50 °C
  • Thermal conductivity: λ ≤ 0.035 W/(m K) [35 + 0.1 θm + 0.0008 θm²]/1000
  • Water vapor diffusion resistance: μ ≥ 10,000
  • Building material class: B-s3,d0
  • Practical fire behavior: self-extinguishing, non-dripping, does not conduct fire
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