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Ceramic knife for rubber

Ceramic knife for rubber

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Product description: Discover our ceramic insulation knife with a high-quality and environmentally friendly wooden handle, which is not only indispensable when converting a camper, but also serves as a kitchen knife after the insulation has been processed. This environmentally friendly and high-quality knife with a 10 cm long ceramic blade is the perfect choice for anyone who values ​​quality and sustainability.

Long-lasting sharpness: The advanced ceramic blade stays sharp for an exceptionally long time, eliminating the need for frequent sharpening. This makes it a reliable tool in both the kitchen and craft projects.

Perfect for rubber hoses and more: Specially designed for the precise cutting of rubber hoses and plates, this knife is ideal for processing Armaflex XG, Armaflex AF, HT/Armaflex, K-Flex and similar materials. Its sharp and robust blade effortlessly cuts through moldings and ensures clean cuts, making it an essential tool for any camper conversion.

Indispensable when expanding your camper: When expanding your camper, you will appreciate the precision and efficiency of our ceramic knife. It makes cutting insulation materials and other components easier, ensuring your camper conversion project progresses smoothly and professionally.

From the workshop to the kitchen: After you have completed your camper project, this knife will continue to serve in your kitchen. Whether you're cutting vegetables or preparing fine slices, the sharp blade and ergonomic wooden handle ensure a pleasant and efficient cutting experience.

ECO-FRIENDLY AND STYLISH: Unlike knives with cheap plastic handles, our ceramic knife with wooden handle offers an eco-friendly and stylish alternative. The wooden handle not only feels comfortable in the hand, but also underlines your commitment to sustainability and quality.

Invest in a knife that is essential for both your camper conversion and your kitchen. With our ceramic knife with wooden handle, you are choosing a tool that makes no compromises when it comes to quality, functionality and environmental awareness.

  • 10cm long ceramic blade
  • Stays sharp for a very long time, no sharpening necessary
  • Ideal for cutting rubber tubes and plates
  • Ideal for cutting shaped parts
  • Ideal for XG, AF, HT/Armaflex K-Flex and co.

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