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Armaflex adhesive 520 for Armaflex AF, SH, XG

Armaflex adhesive 520 for Armaflex AF, SH, XG

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Armaflex 520 adhesive - Special adhesive for Armacell rubber products

Description: Armaflex 520 adhesive has been specially developed to ensure a reliable bond for a variety of Armacell rubber products (except Solar-HT) as well as products from other manufacturers. This aromatic-free adhesive is odorless after curing and offers optimal and secure adhesion even under extreme operating temperatures of -50 to +105 degrees. It impresses with its weather and UV resistance and ensures first-class adhesion to metallic and smooth surfaces. Please note that this adhesive does not stick to asphalt, bitumen and oil-based paints.

Technical data:

- Application temperature: -50°C to +105°C
- Ideal processing temperature: 15 - 20°C (not below 0°C)
- Final strength: 36 hours curing time
- Packaging options: 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 2500ml cans
- Suitable for: ArmaFlex1, ArmaSound, ArmaComfort, ArmaFlex Rail ZH, AF/ArmaFlex Evo5

Danger warnings:

  • The glue is flammable
  • The glue has a corrosive or irritating effect
  • The glue is hazardous to the environment and must be disposed of separately
  • Please also note the manufacturer’s safety data sheet

Be sure to also read the manufacturer's safety data sheet to ensure all safety measures are followed. With Armaflex 520 adhesive you get a reliable solution for your bonding requirements in the area of ​​rubber products.
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