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Armacell Armaflex HT endless plate (not self-adhesive)

Armacell Armaflex HT endless plate (not self-adhesive)

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Material thickness

Discover Armaflex HT – the leading solution for your solar systems and hot water devices. Armaflex HT is a highly flexible insulation material that is characterized by its exceptional UV resistance. Ideal for use in solar systems, Armaflex HT offers efficient condensation prevention and helps reduce energy losses. With its low thermal conductivity, Armaflex HT is ideal for pipelines for solar panels, even outdoors, as well as for motor vehicles, hot gas, steam and alternating temperature lines.

Technical advantages of Armaflex HT:

  • Application temperature range: from -50°C to +150°C, allowing for versatile use.
  • Thermal conductivity: λ 0º ≤ 0.045, which ensures outstanding insulation.
  • Water vapor diffusion resistance number: 3,000, for increased efficiency.
  • Building material class: B/BL-s3, d0, which speaks for high quality and safety.
  • Fire behavior: Self-extinguishing, non-dripping, does not conduct fire, providing additional protection.
  • High UV resistance, ideal for outdoor use.

Armaflex HT is available in different insulation thicknesses to suit your specific requirements. For detailed information and additional product options, please consult the manufacturer's technical data sheet. Trust in Armaflex HT for efficient and long-lasting insulation of your systems.

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