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Armaflex AF EVO hose self-adhesive slotted AF 1 - 6 EVO SK (2m)

Armaflex AF EVO hose self-adhesive slotted AF 1 - 6 EVO SK (2m)

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Pipe diameter x wall thickness

Armaflex AF EVO hose: Revolutionary rubber pipe insulation Discover the latest innovation in pipe insulation - the Armaflex AF EVO hose. This product represents the latest generation of Armacell's AF/ArmaFlex technology, which features flexible elastomeric foam technology.

Advanced safety features The Armaflex AF EVO hose sets new standards in fire protection. With improved flame retardant properties, it offers greater fire safety, contributing to extended evacuation times and clearer visibility in the event of a fire.

Antimicrobial protection Another outstanding feature of the Armaflex AF EVO hose is the integrated Microban® protection. This offers additional security against bacteria and mold growth, making it an ideal choice for sensitive environments.

Versatile areas of application The Armaflex AF EVO hose is ideal for heating systems, refrigeration and air conditioning technology as well as for process engineering systems in industry. Its integrated water vapor barrier minimizes the risk of corrosion under the insulation, making it an optimal solution for various applications.

Availability and variants Available in self-adhesive and non-self-adhesive variants, the Armaflex AF EVO hose offers flexibility in application and installation.

Technical superiority With an application temperature of -50 °C to +110 °C (adhesive surface up to a maximum of +85 °C) and a thermal conductivity of λ 0º ≤ 0.036, the Armaflex AF EVO hose sets new standards. Its water vapor diffusion resistance number is 7,000 and it corresponds to building material class B/BL-s2, d0. Its practical fire behavior is self-extinguishing, without burning drips and does not spread fire.

Processing and additional information The ArmaFlex 520 adhesive is recommended for optimal bonding of the Armaflex AF EVO hose. For detailed technical information, please visit the manufacturer's technical data sheet.

With the Armaflex AF EVO hose you are relying on an advanced solution that combines safety, efficiency and reliability in modern insulation technology.

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