Armaflex für den Camper-Ausbau: Alles, was du wissen musst

Armaflex for camper conversions: Everything you need to know

Are you planning to transform your van into a cozy camping vehicle or are you looking for the best insulation for your motorhome? Then you are exactly right here! In this post you'll learn all about Armaflex, why it's the ideal choice for campers and tradesmen and where you can get it at the best price.

My name is Steve Jordan, automotive engineer and owner of the insulation discounter. Some of you know me from some interviews with and posts on YouTube.

In this article I would like to explain to you the differences between the different Armaflex variants.

What is Armaflex?

Armaflex is a flexible, closed-cell insulation material that is characterized by its excellent insulating properties. It is often used in the field of technical insulation, especially in the insulation of pipes, air conditioning systems and of course in vehicle construction.

Technical data of Armaflex XG and AF:

  • Application temperature: -50 °C to +110 °C (adhesive surface can be used up to a maximum of +85 °C)
  • Thermal conductivity: WLG 0.035
  • Water vapor diffusion resistance number: 10,000
  • Fire behavior: flame-retardant, building material class B-s3-d0, self-extinguishing, not dripping, does not conduct fire
  • Sound insulation effect: up to 30 dB(A) - depending on the application

Technical data of Armaflex ACE:

  • Application temperature: -50 °C to +105 °C (adhesive surface can be used up to a maximum of +85 °C)
  • Thermal conductivity: WLG 0.036
  • Water vapor diffusion resistance number: 7,000
  • Fire behavior: D-s3, d0; normally flammable
  • Sound insulation effect: up to 30 dB(A) - depending on the application

Why Armaflex for camper conversions?

Armaflex not only offers excellent protection from cold and heat, but also impressive sound insulation. It is light, easy to work with and adapts flexibly to the shape of your vehicle. Regardless of whether you are expanding a T5, L2H2, L3H2, T6, Sprinter or Opel Vivaro, Armaflex is the best choice next to K-Flex.

Armaflex AF, XG, ACE or the new EVO - What's the difference?

For newcomers, the most noticeable difference is the price of the panels, here is an overview of the prices of the 19mm thick self-adhesive 6m2 panels:

  • Armaflex XG 19mm self-adhesive: €63.95
  • Armaflex ACE 19mm self-adhesive: €81.99
  • Armaflex AF 19mm self-adhesive: €93.95
  • Armaflex AF EVO 19mm self-adhesive: €344.58

As you can see, there are different Armaflex products that differ in their technical properties, price and areas of application. Here is a brief overview:

What is Armaflex AF ?

The Armaflex AF is an insulating material with high flexibility and a closed-cell structure and, like all Armaflex products, is made from synthetic rubber. It features exceptionally low thermal conductivity and impressive water vapor diffusion resistance. A standout feature of this material is the built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection, which provides additional durability and safety. Thanks to its excellent fire behavior, Armaflex AF is the ideal solution for insulating industrial and refrigeration applications, ensuring both effective insulation and reliable protection against moisture and microbes. However, we clearly recommend VANUE Insulate for insulating camping vehicles, as with VANUE Insulate the protection against mold and bacteria is not just sprayed on, but is present in the entire material. This means that the VANUE Insulate also offers this protection on the cut edges or if the surfaces are damaged.

What is Armaflex AF EVO?

In short, the AF EVO is a new variant of the Armaflex AF. As the requirements for fire protection in buildings are constantly increasing, the products are being further developed accordingly. Armacell writes about the EVO: AF/ArmaFlex Evo extends evacuation times and improves visibility in the event of a building fire. Important note: No , the material is not better suited for your camper just because it is more expensive.

What is Armaflex XG ?

Armaflex XG is a flexible thermal insulation material made of rubber to prevent condensation in air conditioning, refrigeration and industrial systems . Armaflex XG is the same material as the Armaflex AF with the only difference that the Armaflex XG does not have the Microban protective layer.

What is Armaflex ACE?

The Armaflex ACE is a legacy product from Armacell and is Armacell's most cost-effective option. You've probably seen in the price overview that the Armaflex Sell ​​at moon prices. Armaflex ACE is manufactured in Poland. While the Armaflex XG and AF impress with their lower thermal conductivity, the ACE has a slightly higher thermal conductivity and therefore offers lower insulation performance than its two counterparts. There are many reports on the Internet about unpleasant smells and headaches, which are said to be related to the use of the ACE in camping vehicles. The water vapor diffusion resistance of the material is also lower than the other two options. Also worth noting is the fire behavior, which is classified as normally flammable according to fire protection class D-s3, d0 . Due to the many complaints and the new TÜV and DEKRA guidelines for camping vehicles, we have decided to remove the Armaflex ACE from our range.

Is Armaflex ACE harmful to your health?

You can read many reviews and opinions on the Internet that report an intense chemical smell that is said to cause headaches. There is therefore speculation that the Armaflex ACE could pose health risks, but the manufacturer's safety data sheet is reassuring: Although ACE lags behind XG and AF in terms of its properties, according to Armacell it is not harmful to health.

My personal opinion as a vehicle construction engineer about the Armaflex ACE

I would not install the Armaflex ACE in my camper for the following reasons:

  • The bad reputation of the material could have a negative impact on the resale value of the camper.
  • For me personally, the fire protection class is not high enough for use in a motorhome.
  • I am very sensitive to smells, which is one of the main reasons why I use the Armaflex XG.
  • In my opinion, the price-performance ratio is not good enough, even though you can buy the ACE very cheaply as a wholesaler.

I have installed Armaflex ACE in the camper/motorhome, what should I do?

As already mentioned, according to Armacell's data sheet, you don't have to worry about your health. If you don't smell anything unpleasant, everything is fine. Personally, I wouldn't recommend removing the ACE from the vehicle for no reason as it is an incredible amount of work. If the ACE still gives you an uncomfortable feeling, I recommend that you cover the ACE with a 6 mm or 10 mm thick layer of Armaflex XG, AF or K.Flex.

My Armaflex ACE, XG or AF stinks, what can I do?

Armaflex flash off

Unpack the rolls, roll them out in a spiral and let them air out for a few days (store the box separately as odors from production can stick here)

Ozone treatment of the camper

In some cases, ozone treatment helps remove unpleasant odors, including production odors, from the vehicle.

Tape over Armaflex

If you can't get rid of the smell, it helps to cover the material with Armaflex XG or AF. The smells cannot penetrate through the insulation material.

Removing the insulation

The last option is to remove the insulation from the vehicle. The Industry Clean cleaner from Würth is best suited to removing the adhesive layer from the metal.

How much Armaflex do I need for my camper?

The amount and thickness of Armaflex required depends on your vehicle type and your individual requirements. For example, for a T5 you will need an average of 3 boxes, i.e. 18 m² of Armaflex 19 mm, while for a Sprinter, depending on the size, up to 6 boxes with a total of 36 m² are recommended.

The table shows you roughly which camper set is the right one depending on the vehicle size:

How is Armaflex processed?

Working with Armaflex is easy and requires only a few materials and tools:

  • Armaflex XG 19 mm self-adhesive
  • Rubber insulating tape for masking the abutting edges between the panels
  • Special surface cleaner from Armacell, 1.0 l for cleaning before sticking
  • Ceramic knife, approx. 10 cm long for cutting the plates

In addition to the ceramic knife, which is by far the best for cutting rubber, you can also use a serrated bread knife (the big ones, not the small ones that you use to spread your bread) or a cutter knife. The problem with the last two variants is that the knives become blunt after a few cuts and the rubber can no longer be cut cleanly and frays.

 Where can I buy Armaflex?

If you are wondering where you can buy Armaflex at the best price, we recommend . There you will find a large selection and competent advice.

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